Sweetheart Donuts (Alcohol Infused)

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Sweetheart Donuts (Alcohol Infused)


Express your love with a heartfelt gift of donuts, lovingly made by The Tipsy Boutique

Capture the romance and passion of Valentine’s Day with a gift box of six scrumptious donuts and let your loved one know just how special they are to you.

Whats Included?

Box of 6 - Choice of two flavours…

Piña Colada: Rum and coconut glaze topped with coconut shavings and pineapple

Strawberry Champagne: Champagne glaze topped with strawberry slices

Baileys: Baileys glaze topped with chocolate sugar

Maple Bacon Whiskey: Whiskey and maple glaze topped with bacon bits

Jack Daniel's Honey: Topped with Jack Daniel's honey glaze and drizzled with honey

Kahlúa: Kahlúa glaze drizzled with Hershey's chocolate sauce

Guava Margarita: Tequila and guava glaze

Rum Punch: Lemon/lime and rum punch glaze

Blueberry Cabernet: Blueberry and red wine glaze topped with blueberries 

Peach Bellini: Champagne glaze topped with a peach crumble

Mojito: Rum and lime glaze with dried mint leaves

Rosé: Rosé glaze with pink sprinkles 

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